Downtown is always a beautiful urban backdrop for an event. We recently had a Perfect Wedding Guide luncheon at The Center. I loved the contemporary feel of the space. You could decorate it any way you would like and the open feel to the space is so inviting. Lois and Moises from MPG Catering did a wonderful job with the home-style cooking (as always)! Valet Coffee had their wonderful coffee bar along with smoothies to perk us all up.




Winter Photos with Michelle

Category: Portraits | August 14th, 2013

Winter and snow can be so beautiful! It is not a popular for weddings so I when I found this dress on sale online I had to have it for the prefect snowy day. As you know it is super hard to predict the weather. So I had everything together that I needed and I waited. During a commercial photo shoot indoors I saw the perfect big snowflakes falling outside the window. On the way home after the shoot I called my lunch date – Michelle (a wedding planner) and asked if we could photograph her in the dress before it melted. She was a great sport and wasn’t afraid of the cold. We had so much fun twirling and dancing in the snow together. She probably thought I was nuts for being out in the bitter cold but it was so much fun and the snow was so inspiring. We literally went down the road to the park by my home and even stopped in a neighbors side yard. A special thanks to my friend Michelle from Blue Dahlia Events for being a great sport!











Yep long underwear and winter boots – that’s how it is done!



Being out in nature is always sure to bring a big smile to my face. It is always inspiring and when combined with a camera in my hand I always have a great time! Awhile ago we teamed up with Yellow Canary to do a fun styled photo shoot at a wonderful venue, Potato Hill Farm. We had a blast meeting the donkeys and soaking in the scenery. What a great place for a farm or barn wedding! I recently interviewed Celine about her farm and here is what she had to say:

What is your background?
I am a middle school Reading/English teacher and am currently teaching 8th grade.  My husband Ron is a professor at Xavier University. We enjoy working with people and have a passion to help those who have a dream. . . whatever it may be!   


When did you first realize you wanted to work with weddings? 
Well, people in the wedding industry have helped me along.  Kristen and Suzanne at Yellow Canary and Brenda Pottinger originally came to the farm for a wedding shoot.  At the time, the barn had not even been restored.  However, through their vision of the farm, I realized that it was the natural path to travel. . . and they have continued to offer support and the belief that Potato Hill Farm would be a great wedding venue.  

How long have you been in business? Where are you located?
We have been in business since 2010.  We are located in Augusta, KY– just one hour south of Cincinnati.  We have a primitive, restored barn, farmhouse, and 86 acres of out-of-the-way "holler".

PottingerPhotographyPotatoHillFarmKentuckyiWeddingPhotographerBlog--11Why did you start your business?
Naturally, a farm needs to be sustainable, and, every farm is essentially a business.  It was just a matter of finding the correct fit, the perfect slipper, so to speak.

What is your favorite part of a wedding? 
My favorite part is the creativity and design.  I love to help make things happen and see the vision come together.  From there. . . the day belongs to the bride and groom!

Where do you go for inspiration?
am often inspired by nature.  The farm provides that for my entire family.  We have been able to do things and learn things there– that we just wouldn’t have done before. I also do a lot of yoga– need that for the "living in the moment" part of life.  In fact, every day is an inspiration, if you stop for a moment and just. . . breathe the air.

PottingerPhotograpyPotatoHillFarm3What are your favorite upcoming trends?
I like to up-cycle elegance.  Mix the yin and yang of beauty and simplicity.  Find the essence of something and make it shine.  
Anything else you want to share with us?  
Thanks for asking me about the farm. Please visit our website at  or. . . c’mon down, y’all!  Put your dreams at our doorstep– we won’t let you down!