This couple is one of the nicest you will ever meet. I am so glad that they invited us to document their incredible day. Their afternoon ceremony was at St. Xavier Church. My favorite part of the day was seeing the couple together for their photos. The tree lined streets were the perfect backdrop with the last of the great fall colors. Then we headed to their reception at Drees Pavilion. Congrats to Stephanie and Graham on their truly Cincinnati wedding. We wish you two all the very best on your anniversary!


Just after these two arrived at the Cincinnati Nature Center we found ourselves all piled into their jeep. It was pouring down rain but these two joked it wouldn’t be them if it was raining for one of their adventures! They often camp in the rain. But it gave me a chance to catch up with them and to say hello to Gadget their adorable dog. And yes I had to bring up my dog Pixel. After the rain stopped we had a great time exploring together. These two like to hike so it was fun to show them the more remote areas that are some of my favorite hidden gems! And don’t worry Gadget had his time in the spotlight too! Sarah and Brandon thanks for rolling with the weather – I am so glad we stuck around for the beautiful evening after the rain. Gadget thanks for modeling! And a big thanks to Sarah’s sister Rachel and her hubby Jason for dog watching and moving the car so we had an exit strategy in case of more rain! And thanks to Nikon for making water resistant cameras!

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I love that Brittany’s sister Stephanie surprised her with an engagement session gift certificate. She did the research and found us online. She even called to make sure I would be a good fit ¬†with the two of them. And at the session Stephanie helped wrangle the dogs for us. Getting to know Brittany and Kyle during the session was so much fun. We talked about our pets and our love for board games! Congrats on your engagement you two and thanks for exploring Washington Park and Riverside Drive with me!

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