Kim and Jeremy are big Disney fans and so it was no surprise that their day was filled with so much love and laughter. Their wedding was nothing short of a real life fairy-tale. The couple did a great job finding so many unique little touches to incorporate their personalities into the fun. The individually written vows were emotional and heartfelt. The sundae bar was a big hit! And everyone loved getting out there to dance and celebrate. My favorite part of the day had to be after the ceremony. The rain stopped and we were able to get some great photos with the couple and family just outside the main room on the patio. And seeing the couple together – nothing makes me smile more than seeing two people so in love! Kim and Jeremy thank you for being flexible with photos inside – I love that we were able to get creative with some indoor photos and then we hustled outside to get great outdoor ones once the rain stopped. It was a truly magical day! We wish you two all the very best and know that dreams do come true!

Ceremony and Reception: Muhammad Ali Center, Louisville, Kentucky
Wedding Dress: Davids’ Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Dress: Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique
Menswear: Men’s Warehouse
Makeup Artist: Scott Juszcazak
Hair: The Parlour
Officiant: Scott Juszcazak
Jeweler: Shane Co.
Flowers and Decor: Millennium Events
Caterer: Masterson’s
DJ/Band: More Than Entertainment
Invitations: Minuteman Press (Dupont Location) and CutCardStock
Chairs: Fifty Chairs
Favors: Diamond Party Confetti, inc.
Honeymoon: Southwest, Traventours Travel Designs and Groups, Sandals and Island Routes

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Meet Cute Kate!

Category: Portraits | June 23rd, 2016

This sweet little family has grown by two feet! Newborn Kate is just too cute. And her sister Nora isn’t quite sure about the new addition. It was so great to see Laurel and Mike again and to celebrate their second child. Mike is surrounded by girls! My favorite part of the session had to be singing Five Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed and the fun expressions we received! Too much fun! If you want to ┬ásee how much Kate looks like her sister be sure to check out her blog post from 2014.

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A Summer Spring Grove Session

Category: Engagements | June 22nd, 2016

This family was so much fun to photograph! I love that Ella even helped me direct some poses. She is not shy at all! And Melissa and Matt make each other so happy. I can’t wait for their big wedding celebration in July at The Bell!

SpringGrove-00 SpringGrove02 SpringGrove04 SpringGrove05 SpringGrove06 SpringGrove07 SpringGrove08 SpringGrove09 SpringGrove12 SpringGrove13 SpringGrove14 SpringGrove15 SpringGrove16 SpringGrove17 SpringGrove1 SpringGrove03SpringGrove18