Nick and Amy’s Wooden USB Box

Category: Favorites | October 19th, 2016


These two love the outdoors! I couldn’t’ think of a better way to give them a little complimentary upgrade then to surprise them with this usb box. From hiking to the perfect spot for their engagement session to exploring in their wedding attire – what could be more fun? And I just know they won’t get the wooden usb mixed up with any other media they have!

an interview with Yellow Canary

Category: Favorites, Misc. | October 19th, 2016

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One of my favorite artists here in Cincinnati is Kristen from Yellow Canary. She is so talented and creative in her designs. This year it has been wonderful to work with her on so many fun projects!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a floral designer?
I worked in a floral shop in college part-time, but wanted to pursue art history as a specialty and teach or work in a museum. I did both for some time and ironically ended up working in the event department at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Being on the planning side of things made me realize how much I wanted to do the creative and visual aspects of events. And I love flowers–so it all came full circle.


What is your design training?
I have an MFA in fine arts (studio and art history) and also have a certification from FDI in Portland, OR for floral design.

What is your favorite part of a wedding?
When I can, I love seeing the bride in her full make-up, hair, and gown—seeing the amazing transformation! It is cool that a special glow can make someone so beautiful!


Where do you go for inspiration?
I get inspiration from so many places–nature, traveling, interiors, gardens, architecture, books, fashion…beautiful things. When something catches my eye I lock it into a corner of my brain.


What are your favorite upcoming trends?
I love the glamorous and classic trends that are emerging with weddings. Rich details and overall elegance.


Anything else you want to share with us? Exciting things are happening at yellow canary—stay tuned!


Kristen Sekowski
Yellow Canary

Speaking at WordCamp Cincinnati 2016!

Category: Favorites | October 18th, 2016


Speaking can be a little intimidating especially when presenting a talk in a theater style room built for 2oo people on the campus of the University of Cincinnati! But I couldn’t help but share some of my favorite marketing tips. One of the earlier speakers (who was so inspiring) gave me great advice – she said the great thing about WordCamp is that everyone there wants you to succeed and you know what she was right. The attendees all were so eager to share, learn, network and chat about their beloved WordPress. So I spoke from the heart and shared about my business and what has worked for us. It was a great audience and they even asked thoughtful questions at the end. And I couldn’t have been too bad because I was asked to “take my talk on the road” and to apply to speak at Dayton’s event. Pretty cool! I would highly recommend WordCamp. For $20 a day with lunch, a t-shirt, unlimited coffee, cookies, a cider drink, a happiness bar to ask questions and fix issues (which I loved), amazing speakers and incredible people that I met and ate with- you can’t go wrong! So many people from so many backgrounds and industries came together and just had a great time! The Dayton dates are not set yet but I will be going if anyone wants to carpool!