Since the first time I met with this couple I just knew we would have so much fun together on their wedding day! From the surprise cookie favors to the I Spy games on the tables – it was so exciting to see everything come together. Their guests loved the view masters with custom reels made from photos of the couple. Each reel had a combination of baby photos, photos of the couple and a recent engagement photo. Some of the younger kids had to be shown how to use them but boy did they get into it once they knew how to use them! Since the couple have cute nieces and nephews they included them in so much of the day. My favorite part of the wedding had to be the emotional ceremony. It was just beautiful! This couple is so sweet and caring and they have such supportive family. To see their loved ones together was perfect! And then the party began! Everyone had a blast dancing and playing! Jenny and Michael – what an incredible day. We are so very happy for you two and wish you all the very best in life! And a big thanks to their family and friends for making the day so great!

Ceremony and Reception: Embassy Suites RiverCenter
Park: Ault Park
Wedding Dress: Belle Bridal Boutique
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Tuxes: Folchi’s Formal Wear
Makeup and Hair: Blend Artistry
Transportation: My Party Bus
Jeweler: Jared Galleria
Officiant: Rev. Scott DeMarco
Flowers: Kreutzer & Dorl Florists
Cake: Donna Kirst (retiring after this wedding)
Favors: Parker’s Crazy Cookies
DJ: Everlasting Sounds

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Proof Box Summer Sale

Category: Favorites | July 5th, 2016


We are very excited that our proof boxes are on sale this week. It’s always great to have your wonderful images printed so that you can see them at anytime. They are fun to show off too! We have two different options. One holds all of your proofs and the other holds up to 250 of your favorites. These boxes also make a great keepsake box with a handkerchief or garter stored inside. Each photo is printed by our professional photo lab and has the photo number on it that corresponds to the image on your usb. Take 25% off if your order before July 10, 2016.

PottingerPhotographyWeddingPhotoCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerBlogProofBoxes11_thumbPottingerPhotographyWeddingPhotoCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerBlogProofBoxes6_thumb PottingerPhotographyWeddingPhotoCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerBlogProofBoxes5_thumb

Those shoes! It is safe to say that I  am kind of obsessed about the bride’s shoes! She told me how hard they were to find online and the hunt was worth it. After some fun getting ready photos with the girls (and trying not to cry with Kayley’s mother) we headed to the church. The guys were great sports and were ready to start the ceremony. My favorite part of the ceremony was watching Dan’s father speaking about the couple as he officiated. After the ceremony it was amazing how the sun came out just in time for some great photos on the edge of the church property. Then we headed to the reception. My favorite part of the day was exploring the golf course with the couple. Kayley and Dan spent summers working at the Beavercreek Golf Club and it was fun to hop on golf carts and for them to show us around. When we returned to the dance floor the dollar dance was a big hit! The couple got to dance with family members and friends. Before we knew it the reception grew to a close and the couple had a fantastic sparkler exit. Congratulations to this wonderful couple – we wish you two all the very best in life! And a big thank you to their awesome families and wedding professionals who made the day amazing!

Getting Ready: Crown Plaza Hotel, Dayton, Ohio
Ceremony: Calvary Open Bible, Dayton, Ohio

Reception: Beavercreek Golf Club, Beavercreek, Ohio
Wedding Dress: Lillian’s Bridal, Dayton, Ohio
Bridesmaids Dresses: The Wedding Shoppe, Bill Levkoff
Menswear: Price Stores
Makeup: Moxie Beauty Bar
Hair: Ann Brietenstein at Latitudes Salon
Officaint: Pastor Daniel Powell (Brides Pastor) and Rev. Randy Griffith (Groom’s Father)

Jeweler: Jared and Zales
Flowers and Decor: The Flower Shoppe
Cake: Tiers of Joy
Favors: Kathy Miller
DJ/Band: Absolute DJs
Invitations: Magnet Street
Rentals: Prime Time Party Rental
BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-1 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-2 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-3 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-4 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-5 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-6 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-7 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-8 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-9 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-10 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-11 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-12 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-13 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-14 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-15 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-16 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-17 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-18 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-19 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-20 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-21 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-22 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-23 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-24 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-25 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-26 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-27 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-28 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-29 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-30 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-33 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-34 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-35 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-36 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-37 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-38 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-39 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-40BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-31 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-32 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-42BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-41 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-43 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-44 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-45 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-46 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-47 BeavercreekGolfClubwedding-48