When we were trying to decide which park to take photos at I remember Kendra telling me that they were the classic “country boy” and “city girl.” So I knew Smale Riverfront Park would be the perfect marriage of a location for their engagement session. This park is always growing and we had a blast exploring together. Casey likes to fish so we had to include his tackle box and hook. We had a blast and now I can’t wait for their wedding day!

DSC_4002DSC_fishengagementringSmaleEngagement-3989 SmaleEngagement-3913 SmaleEngagement-3871 SmaleEngagement-3858 SmaleEngagement-3832 SmaleEngagement-3813 SmaleEngagement-3804 SmaleEngagement-3778 SmaleEngagement-3724 SmaleEngagement-3686 SmaleEngagement-3680 SmaleEngagement-3652 PottingerPhotoSmaleRiverfrontCincinnatiengagement-3900

There were so many incredible moments on Kate and Rad’s wedding day. From the ring bearer creeping down the long church aisle to the Irish blessing sung by Kate’s father – it all made the celebration so special. The girls had the perfect shade of blue dresses to match St. Xavier. The boys – they looked pretty sharp too! The Taft was a wonderful backdrop for the tented reception. And I think we all were a little misty eyed-during the dances! Kate and Rad – we wish you two all the very best! Thank you for inviting us to document your celebration. And a big thank you to their family and friends for making the day so much fun!

Ceremony: St. Xavier Church, downtown
Reception: The Taft Musuem of Art, Jenna Wilson event manager
Getting Ready: Residence Inn Cincinnati Downtown and Lytle Park
Park: P&G Gardens

Wedding Dress: Fabulous Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Carrie Karibo
Menswear: Romualdo and Jos A Bank
Hair and Make up: Tara Scharber Hair Studio
Officiant: Father Patrick Fairbanks
Jeweler: Richter and Phillips
Flowers and Decor: Two Little Buds
Lighting: Fitz the Occasion

Cake: Tres Belle
Caterer: Elegant Fare
DJ/Band: Cover Model
Invitations: Red Flower Letterpress

PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-01 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-02 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-03 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-04 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-05 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-06 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-07 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-08 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-09 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-10 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-11 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-12 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-13 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-14PottingerPhotoTafXavierCincinnatiwedding-15 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-16 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-17 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-18 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-19 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-20 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-21 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-22PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-23 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-25 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-26 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-27 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-28 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-29 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-30 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-31 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-32 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-33 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-34 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-35 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-36 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-37 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-38 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-39 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-40 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-40b PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-41 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-42 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-43 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-44 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-45 PottingerPhotoTaftXavierCincinnatiwedding-46

Congratulations Kayley and Dan!

Category: Misc. | May 26th, 2016

Congratulations to Kayley and Dan on their wonderful wedding. This photo was taken just outside of their Dayton church. The day was overcast and the sun came out just as we were taken photos of the couple outside. I wanted to sing the Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun.” I can’t wait to share more of my favorites from their day!