11 Refreshing Style Tips for the Groom

guest blog post by Tara from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts


Grooms have to look their absolute best on the day of their wedding. Much like brides, they too have to figure out what kind of suit and accessories look good on them. While style is mostly a personal thing, here are 11 tips to help you get started.


  1. Don’t Follow Trends


The funny thing about trends is that they come and go. What looks good now may not necessarily look good in a few years’ time. So when you do decide to make a sartorial experiment, please do so cautiously. Your wedding day isn’t exactly the good time that you do this.


  1. Mind the Fabric


Take note of the season of your wedding day and adjust the fabric of your suit accordingly. Thicker fabrics like wool or cashmere are perfect for autumn and winter. Spring and summer, when it’s hot and humid, call for lighter fabrics like linen, khaki, or seersucker.

  1. Stick to Colors That Work


When choosing colors for the groom’s suit, take note if it’s flattering for the figure, photographs well, and wouldn’t clash with the colors of the bridal entourage’s outfits. Usually, this means the tried-and-tested colors of gray, tan, navy blue, or black. No one ever regretted choosing these colors as they walked down the aisle.

  1. Add Personality Wisely


Just because you opted for a classic look doesn’t mean that you can’t inject a little flair in your outfit. You don’t want to run the risk of not looking put together, so when you add an accessory or choose an unexpected pattern, do so with utmost care. Customized cufflinks, an eccentric tie, or a pair of colorful ties can do the trick. They’re small but thoughtfully placed.

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  1. Take Off the Jacket


Grooms don’t always need to wear the three-piece suit. Sometimes, a jacket-free or vested look is acceptable especially if it’s a themed wedding, like outdoor, rustic, or vintage. This can be achieved in a variety of ways—vest with rolled-up sleeves, or go with ’20s-inspired suspenders. The trick is to match the level of formality to the setup of the venue.

  1. Work with Patterns


Patterns are a good way to inject personality to the classic suit. It’s easy to go overboard with this one, so choosing the right kind of pattern is of utmost importance. If you prefer a solid-colored suit, you can have patterns on your dress shirt. This creates a tasteful contrast in your look.

  1. Uniform Accessory


This one is for the groomsmen who will stand beside the groom on the altar. While uniformity in what they wear is ideal, sometimes it’s just not practical. To remedy this, just set clear standards like the color of the suit, the dress shirt, and the shoes. Having a cohesive accessory like a matching pocket square will also tie the entire thing together.

  1. Consider a Boutonniere


Think corsage but for men, and instead of putting it around one’s wrist, it’s pinned on a suit’s lapel. Boutonnieres are optional accessories but are widely considered traditional and classic. If you choose to have them, keep other accessories at a minimum (like no more pocket squares), and make sure that the flowers used are fresh.


  1. Know When Not to Button


Men always forget to leave the lower button of a two- or three-button suit unbuttoned. It’s a little thing but sacrilegious when you do it. If your suit has one button, do it. If it has four, you may want to consider getting another one.

  1. Fit Is Key


The design of the suit or the quality of the fabric used is all secondary to how it fits you. When you talk to your tailor for alterations, remember the following points: the length of the jacket should fall past the waist but not beyond the middle of your relaxed hand, the sleeve of the jacket should partly expose your dress shirt (about half an inch), and the cuff of the trousers should slightly graze your shoelaces.

  1. Consider Comfort


Weddings are not one-hour affairs. They start with the ceremony, and the reception that happens after goes on until midnight. If you’re planning on having fun at your own wedding, you better make sure that what you’re wearing will be comfortable. Some grooms even opt to wear wider shoes and slightly baggier pants.

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