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One really important vendor on your wedding is your DJ. They will help your reception run smoothly and will turn your fun evening into a party! They also offer guidance when planning the timing for your cake cutting, first dance and other fun events. We have worked with
Party Pleasers many times and really enjoy how professional they are and they make getting great reception photos easy with their beautiful lighting. Doug answered a few questions the other day and I want to share his thoughts.

What do you love about weddings?
We love that we can help a Bride bring their Dream Day to life, whether she has had that dream for 20 years or 20 days…

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
Introductions & The Garter Removal Moment. The intro really tells the guests what type of night to expect. A High Energy Intro = Lots of Fun throughout, a Low-Key Intro = a Chill Night with great friends.

What makes your company different than other DJs in the area?
We LIVE by our Motto "Creating Unique Events". Last year we did close to 600 events and every single one of them was as custom and unique as our clients were.

Why is it important to have an emcee at every event?
In the past few years the iPod Wedding trend appeared, because people simply thought that they just needed some great music to have a great party. The Advantage of the Emcee is not just that they will play all the music, but they will run the night. The Emcee’s job is to make sure there is never a "Missed Moment".

How involved are most couples in picking their music?
I would say that most couples love picking music. We meet with every couple prior to their wedding to pick every "special" song as well as get a feel for what type of music they like. As their DJ, we do not have a personal agenda or "need" to play a certain song to make the party rock.

What is your favorite entrance song to play?
As a performer, I love it when they want to turn their intro into a spectacle – so I would say that the Chicago Bulls intro music is my favorite.

What wedding trend do you wish would die out?
The song SINGLE LADIES for the bouquet toss!!!!!! Don’t get me wrong we love Beyonce, but that song has run it’s course and there are so many other great options for that moment.

What are your favorite up and coming trends?
Well, we don’t want to give away all of our secrets, but let’s just say that we are always looking to take the old and make it New!!!

What other services do you offer to help couples?
Not only are we one of the largest DJ companies around, but we also happen to be one of the biggest lighting & decor providers as well. This goes back to our Motto, we are always creating new lighting & decor options.

Do you have one tip for making sure couples have a great reception?
Yes – leave your watch at home. We’ll take care of everything!!!

Is there anything else you would like to add?
We would just like to say a big thank you to ALL of the Hardworking un-sung hero’s of the wedding day – from the wait staff at the venues and the assistants for all of the fantastic photographers to the Moms & Dads that help bring their kids dream to life… We are honored to be a part of your day.

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