Announcing the Anderson Pavilion in Smale Park


We love being in the know about the next big venue for weddings! So when Sandy Meyers from Sugardrop Events and a board member of the local ISES chapter (International Special Events Chapter) contacted me to photograph their joint meeting with NACE (National Associations for Catering and Events) at the new Anderson Pavilion I couldn’t wait! I love that this venue is surrounded by an incredible park. Inside the gray walls are modern and have unique blue sculptures that compliment the Roebling Bridge. The lunch was a yummy buffet from the in house catering company (the Anderson Pavilion Culinary Group). Kathryne Gardette of Prestige AV & Creative Services presented “Are You an Effective Networker” along with some great topics for speed networking. After the event we toured the area and I had a chance to wander over to the rose garden which is a spot for wedding ceremonies. What a fantastic modern venue for Cincinnati with one heck of a view! And don’t you just love the beautiful linens from Prime Time Party Rental?

PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion01 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion2 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion3 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion4 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion5 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion6 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion7 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion8 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion9 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion10 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion11 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion12 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion13 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion14PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion15RoseGarden PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion16

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