Announcing the Anderson Pavilion in Smale Park


We love being in the know about the next big venue for weddings! So when Sandy Meyers from Sugardrop Events and a board member of the local ISES chapter (International Special Events Chapter) contacted me to photograph their joint¬†meeting with NACE (National Associations for Catering and Events) at the new Anderson Pavilion I couldn’t wait! I love that this venue is surrounded by an incredible park. Inside the gray walls are modern and have unique blue sculptures that compliment the Roebling Bridge. The lunch was a yummy buffet from the¬†in house catering company (the Anderson Pavilion Culinary Group). Kathryne Gardette of Prestige AV & Creative Services presented “Are You an Effective Networker” along with some great topics for speed networking. After the event we toured the area and I had a chance to wander over to the rose garden which is a spot for wedding ceremonies. What a fantastic modern venue for Cincinnati with one heck of a view! And don’t you just love the beautiful linens from Prime Time Party Rental?

PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion01 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion2 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion3 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion4 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion5 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion6 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion7 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion8 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion9 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion10 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion11 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion12 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion13 PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion14PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion15RoseGarden PottingerSmaleRiverfrontParkCincinnatiAndersonPavilion16

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