Arianna and Steve, a maternity story


Arianna and Steve invited me into their beautiful historic home last week for a maternity session. It was really special to see their favorite parts of the house and photograph them there because they are in process of selling the house. It will be nice that they will be able to show their baby where they lived and had so many great memories. Arianna looks stunning and you can just tell how much Steve adores her. This session was so much fun because I was able to get to know them more and photograph their story. It is like a little peek into their world. Arianna and Steve thanks for being so much fun to photograph and I can’t wait to meet the baby when that day comes! And a special thanks goes out to their friends Kathy and Rochelle for recommending us!

PottingerPhotoMaternityA2  PottingerPhotoMaternityA3








2 responses to “Arianna and Steve, a maternity story”

  1. rochelle nardiello says:

    ABSOLUTELY MAGICAL….A Beautiful Couple made More Beautiful:)
    Brenda you really have a talent for capturing cherised moments in time.
    I am tearing up because I am so happy for my friends Arianna and Stephen
    for having their love story documented in such a special way.

  2. Brenda says:

    Thank you Rochelle for your comments! I am so thankful to have such wonderful people to photograph like your beautiful family and now Arianna and Steve’s. They are so a great couple and I loved photographing them.