Baby Morgan

On Monday I met baby Morgan for the first time. She is just precious. I love her little bitty 8 week toes and fingers. She is already quite expressive and her smiles just made me melt. There were so many cute moments while I was there. We tried to take her pacifier away for a few minutes and she wasn’t too happy about that. So I came closer with the pacifier and she seriously opened her mouth for it and smiled (like yeah that’s right it will make it happy-give it to me). It was the funnies thing and it also meant she was starting to recognize it! And the perfect way to end the session was me getting to hold her while catching up with Christie. Baby Morgan was exhausted from our session and fell asleep in my arms. Ahhhhhh! For a little slideshow with more images of Morgan, please check out our facebook page.

I loved this blanket! The quilt top was from Christie when she was a baby and her mother lined the back with a soft green blanket. What a great idea. Now baby Morgan can use it too.

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