Beautiful Survivor, Meet Marci


Throughout our lives as women we look in the mirror and quickly judge what we see. Often our vision of beauty is clouded by negative thoughts and "what ifs". What if I could change my nose. If only I didn’t have that zit. As women we scrutinize our appearance every time we pass a mirror. There is something that we can always improve upon. But for women with cancer it is often something simpler. They wish to be healthy and to feel beautiful again. I was inspired by many people to do this photo shoot. Working with Flashes of Hope we photograph children with cancer who are at our local hospital. It gives them something fun to do and they can have fun and cheese it up.  I was also inspired by Ben’s aunt who even with cancer is the type of person who stayed positive and loved life!

Through this project I wanted to empower women who have been struggling with cancer to see themselves as beautiful inside and out. For a minute or two they can forget about tests and treatments and can just have fun being a woman! I wanted the women to have a chance to play dress up and be pampered with a fun outfit, jewelry and makeup.

Marci was nominated by her wonderful step-daughter Loren. As a photographer I wanted to show Marci that even in this moment she is stunning! She is a beautiful survivor! Her story is powerful and she is fighting! Marci – we wish you all the very best in life. Your courage is inspiring!

A special thank you to my amazing team who donated their time and talents to this project. We couldn’t have done it without you.
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