#Hope Campaign Award from Wish Upon a Wedding

Category: Misc. | January 11th, 2021

We are honored to have been picked for the #Hope Campaign Award and featured on Wish Upon a Wedding’s blog.

Mona the cat helps Pottinger Photography create cloth masks.

They wrote:
The sweet folks behind Pottinger Photography have recruited their family, friends, and neighbors to start cutting and sewing masks for their community. One person donated a sewing machine, while others donated fabric and thread and an iron – such great teamwork! Additionally, the Kentucky based photographer is offering free family sessions and prints to medical workers in her city and would love to include makeup and hair services for them. 

Another great local business featured was Chrissy Lane Designs. Christy produced over 5000 hooks for hospital masks. Don’t you just love her heart! Her store always has so many great gift and decor ideas right on the main street of the Reading Bridal District.

Christy from Crissy Lane Designs in the Reading Bridal District in Cincinnati.

Wedding USB Box

Category: Favorites, Misc. | January 6th, 2021

It is always nice to have a stylish wedding keepsake box to store a wooden USB with wedding images. We just know this couple will treasure having their photos from their celebration!

Wooden USB Box

A sweet way to store your custom wooden USB.

My Engagement Story!

Category: Favorites | December 22nd, 2020

It was so cold it started snowing! Ben proposed on a cold February afternoon on a trail we had hiked together the first time he visited me at college (the Virginia Creeper Trail in Damascus, VA). I remember telling him that I needed to help my roommate make extra quesadillas for a last-minute party for a friend. So instead of hiking that day, we would go the following day. I promised that even if it was raining we would go. Sure enough, the next day was super cold and it was sleeting outside. He still wanted to go- we both hate the cold. So I angrily put on my old hiking pants and shoes (you know the ripped ones in the back of my closet). Well, at least I would bring my camera and tripod and get a few photos for my assignment for my black and white photography class. My roommate thought I should go (clue number 2). On the way there Ben was awfully quiet. He is the kind of guy that once you get him on a topic he can talk a lot -so I asked if he was feeling ok. He said he was thinking. “Thinking about what?” I asked. Oh, nothing really he said. Once we got to a nice spot with a bridge, we got our gear out. I headed to the middle of the bridge to start setting up my tripod. I saw him out of the corner of my eye at the end of the bridge and he called me back over to him. He was rummaging through his camera bag. As I walked closer to him he pulled out a ring box instead of a lens. That was pretty sly I must admit. He was on his knee and honestly the rest was a bit of a blur. I remember being blinded by the ring and excited and hugging and then kissing – which he then said, “I guess that is a yes”! We were so excited. He wanted to get that ring on my hand and not have it fall in the rushing water below the bridge (why he was not on the bridge). It was an amazing scene with snowflakes falling. We enjoyed hugging a few minutes longer and then decided we could get in the warm car. We rushed back to show my college roommates the bling and then headed out to celebrate at a warm restaurant. We were calling family and so excited to share all of the news. My mom wasn’t home at first and so we finally got to tell her and Dad during our dinner. I remember she congratulated us and then as the party planner in the family, she asked if we had set a date? A date, hm I don’t know. So we looked at a calendar and guessed at a few options. We called so many friends and family we ran over our minutes but we didn’t care. Since I wanted to finish school we knew we would have a long engagement. One piece of advice I would give couples is to just take time to celebrate. Be engaged and excited about the new stage in your relationship. Calling each other fiance just sounds so cool! There will be plenty of time to plan and to create big ten pound binders with tabs. Celebrate this big milestone! Take a minute to see how you feel! Don’t just pick a date. Honestly, it will probably change depending on your venue, family plans, and budget. So just breathe and snuggle and go on dates. Be happy and ridiculously in love. Gross-out your friends – they get it! So before the checklist even begins, enjoy just being together. Celebrate your engagement as the only thing on your agenda.  Be in the moment! And when you are ready for a checklist I got you covered!