Christy and John, a Harry Potter wedding

PottingerHarryPotterwedding-00It is no secret that I adore the Cincinnati Nature Center and Krippendorf Lodge. And if you were to ask me where I would host a Harry Potter wedding this would be my top pick. It was such a delight to see all of the unique details the couple created and found. From the invitations to the Bride’s shoes – it was perfectly crafted.  And the bridal party was so much fun. They created their own “award family photo” inspired poses! John and Christy both work with animals so I love that we found little creatures along the way for great photos with the couple! My favorite part of the day? It had to be the hilarious ceremony with the very clever officiant Snape! He heckled the groom and the audience. No one was safe! At the reception it was fun to see the tables each with a different centerpiece design. Overall the day was wonderful and magical! Congrats to Christy and John!

Ceremony and Reception: Cincinnati Nature Center, Krippendorf Lodge
Wedding Dress: Splendid Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bridal and Formal
Menswear:Men’s Warehouse
Makeup and Hair: Eye Do
Jeweler: Ashcroft and Oak
Flowers and Decor: HJ Benken/Kroger for centerpieces
Cake: Happy Chicks Bakery
Caterer: Eletant Fare
DJ/Band: Steve Bender Eventertainment
Invitations: Creative Invites and Events
PottingerHarryPotterwedding-1 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-1a PottingerHarryPotterwedding-2 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-3 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-4 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-6 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-8 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-10 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-11 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-12 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-13 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-14b PottingerHarryPotterwedding-14c PottingerHarryPotterwedding-15 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-19 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-21 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-24 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-24b PottingerHarryPotterwedding-25 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-26 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-34 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-35 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-36 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-37 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-38 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-39 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-40 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-41 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-42 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-43 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-44 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-45 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-46 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-48 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-48c PottingerHarryPotterwedding-49 (2) PottingerHarryPotterwedding-49d PottingerHarryPotterwedding-49e PottingerHarryPotterwedding-49t PottingerHarryPotterwedding-49u PottingerHarryPotterwedding-49v PottingerHarryPotterwedding-50 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-52 PottingerHarryPotterwedding-53PottingerHarryPotterwedding-54PottingerHarryPotterwedding-14

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