Coffee Table Book Designs


Did you know that we offer custom book designs to any couple? Even if we did not photograph your wedding you can still have us design your one of a kind book. We have designed many books for couples over the years and since the digital files have become popular many couples wait to design their books. Many hope that they will create their own design only to realize that it is hard than it looks. We can help with image selection, book and page type choices, the custom design and sending it to be printed and bound. We know the process can be overwhelming and many professional companies will not sell directly to the couple. We can help with that and make sure that your book and cover will print correctly. Each album company has different sizes and standards for their books and we know how to setup for each one. Give us a call for us to help you finish your wedding book. Digital files are great, but what happens when you can’t read them anymore? What if your Grandmother’s photos were on an  8-track tape? You will be glad you did when your archival book is passed down through the generations.

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