Congrats to Julie and Rob, a Norris Lake wedding

Come away with me and we’ll kiss
On a mountain top

These soulful lyrics were our first dance song at our wedding by Norah Jones. And they couldn’t be more perfect for this intimate celebration in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee. With the charming cabin and Norris Lake in the background what a wonderful day! I was honored to be invited to document this family event. Seeing everyone pitch in to setup, decorate, help with hair and makeup and cook made it truly memorable. And I loved Julie’s surprise – a blue dress – she looked incredible! Seeing Rob’s big smile at the front of the aisle and the way he adores her – that is everything! Driving the back roads of Tennessee and through Cumberland Gap reminded me of driving to and from my small college (Emory and Henry) in Southwest Virginia. So I sang Wagon Wheel once I had internet again. (And yes the song says heading west from the gap to Johnson City- which is East but we will let that slide.) Congrats to Julie and Rob – your wedding was so wonderful and thank you for inviting me to document the celebration! 

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