Congrats to Toni and Dustin, a sweet spring wedding

The beginning of Spring is often a little rainy but it brings the hope of more blooms ahead. The cheerful colors of the wedding matched the stained glass in the church perfectly. With all of the work that Toni and her mother put into the day I figured they had planned it that way. But they said it was a happy accident. Including the architecture of the church into their photos was very important to the couple. Toni’s parents and grandparents were married there – what a great tradition to continue. One of my favorite moments was seeing Dustin smile at Toni just after they stepped up to the altar. He was beaming and I don’t think that smile left his face all day! After a few formal photos we headed to the front steps of the church. It was drizzling a little bit but we kept them covered under the arches (don’t worry I didn’t melt). Then we headed to a local brewery for a few minutes and some fun photos with the wedding party. The rain was coming down pretty hard but as we followed the couple I heard the couple say they were going to make a run for it together – and there were like let’s go – this is so perfect for how they are going to be a team at  life. And I am sorry if I sound sappy but those little moments add up to meaning the most. And I think this perfectly captures their sweet relationship and how well they work together! My favorite part of the reception – wow there are so many to pick! Just before the cake cutting I see Toni begging Dustin not to stuff the cake in her face! You couldn’t help but laugh! Or there is the fact that the bride iced the wedding party! Add in the sister of the bride catching the bouquet, cute flower girls and doughnuts for dessert! Toni and Dustin, we are so excited for you two to start your next chapter together. A big thank to their wonderful families and wedding party. To say that it was a great day is an understatement!

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