Congratulations Ann Marie and Erik, a Cincinnati Wedding

Ann Marie and Erik’s wedding day was a hot one! It was so hot that we had to call the fire department. Ok I am just kidding. But we did have a firetruck! We were heading out to the church after some fun photos in Eden Park when we saw a firetruck. Before we knew it the couple hopped on! After the impromptu session we headed to the beautiful Saint Rose Church for their wonderful ceremony. My favorite part was when the couple kissed! The must have been excited because it was a long multiple kiss – first kiss! It made me chuckle! At the reception we were greeted by two beautiful cakes. Don’t you just love the groom’s cake? The groom loves Maker’s Mark – can you tell? The reception at Coldstream Country Club was so much fun! The couple was right – they love to dance with their friends! Ann Marie and Erik we hope you two had a wonderful honeymoon and thank you for inviting us to capture your special day! Thank you to all of the great vendors who made the day so wonderful! And a special thanks to the Cincinnati Fire Department for letting us use their truck!


Ceremony: St. Rose Church
Park: Eden Park
Reception: Coldstream Country Club

Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet from Bridal and Formal
Tuxes: Jos. A. Bank in Rookwood
Makeup: Clinique – Megan Adkins
Transportation: The Bus Bank
Flowers and Decor: Mt. Washington Florist
Cake: Fantasy in Frosting
Band: Airwave




























13 responses to “Congratulations Ann Marie and Erik, a Cincinnati Wedding”

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Thanks Brenda & Ben! It was such a fun day, and I love the pictures. My favorite is either the first kiss or the photo with the firetruck and the river. Thank you again!

  2. Kerri says:

    Beautiful pictures! My favorite one is of Ann Marie and Eric at the front of the fire truck with the river in the background. I like it because it has a timeless quality, it could have been taken at any point during the 2nd half of the 20th century.

  3. Linda Tillou says:

    I have two favorites: the first kiss (#16) because it was a moment of genuine emotion and made me both laugh and cry, and also the portrait (#31) with the blurry trees in the background and Ann Marie’s hand on Erik’s chest — they both look so relaxed and natural and happy.

  4. It was very difficult to pick a favorite as all of the photos are very good and I can hardly wait to see the entire package. But if I had to pick just one I would pick one taken at Coldstream with the lake and the swirling clouds in the background, Erik is giving Ann Marie a kiss on her forehead and she has her hand on his chest. It is a very tender moment. I also like the Firetruck scene with the view of the river, the second shot at Coldstream with the blurry trees in the background, a closeup view of the happy couple — they have beautiful smiles and look so happy.

  5. Bill Dillhoff says:

    Wow! Tough to pick just one but I think the one of the fire truck and the river in the background because as a 11 by 14 it has more appeal as a work of art. It would look the best when hung on a wall. It is a great picture of Ann Marie and Erik but also a nice scene and with the “Cincinnati” on the fire truck you know exactly where it was taken. The two pictures where Ann Marie has her hand on Erik’s chest are very good and in an 8 by 10 or smaller I would vote that way.

  6. Beth says:

    My favorites are the b&w in front of the firetruck with the river in the background and the nose to nose shot on the bridge because Erik is holding up AM’s train, which I think is so sweet.

  7. Megan says:

    My favorite is the photo of Erik kissing Ann Marie on the golf course. The setting is beautiful and reminds me so much of how that day looked – and the two of them look beautifully in love. A close second, though, is the photo of Ann Marie and her mother on the family’s front porch. That picture symbolizes so much to me since it portrays Ann leaving the home that she grew up in. And most importantly, both Ann and Kathy are smiling and laughing and looking just like themselves. It’s very personal.

    All of the pictures look great – they really memorialize an incredible day!

  8. kathy moehring says:

    Fantastic pictures! Ann Marie and Eric look so very happy and relaxed. It’s hard to pick a “favorite” but if I must I have two: the picture overlooking the river with the CFD truck, and the picture at Cold Stream with Ann Marie standing behind Eric with her arms around him. What a beautiful wedding!!!!!!!!

  9. Julie says:

    The pictures are great! I really love the photo with the fire truck overlooking the river–it perfectly shows the happy couple, as well as the beautiful setting and day that they had to celebrate their wedding! A close second is the photo of the two on the bridge at the park. It was tough to select just one!

  10. Audrey O'Connor says:

    Liked all pictures, especially the one at Cold Strem where she is behind Eric with her arms around him and the one of her alone with eyes cast downward is beautiful.

  11. Erik says:

    My fav is the Makers cake shot!! Just kidding. Actually, I like the 2nd to last the most – from the final stages of our first dance. One of my favorite moments of the day – in particular the palpable picture of happiness on Ann Marie’s face.

  12. Emily says:

    These are great! I think my favorite is of Erik and Ann Marie’s kiss during their wedding ceremony. It was such a fun and happy moment, and this picture reminds me of that and puts a smile on my face.

  13. Jon says:

    These are all fantastic, but I think the firetruck and river has to my favorite. It’s great to look back and be reminded of such a great wedding.