Congratulations Molly and Matthew, a Pyramid Hill Museum Wedding


There are so many great things I want to share about this wedding day. I think what I loved most was seeing everyone have so much fun. Despite a little bit of rain the day was filled with smiles and laughter! It was the first time I have had pizza at a wedding but I have to say I hope it won’t be the last. Both the kids and the kids at heart ate it right up! If you haven’t seen Catch-a-Fire’s food truck with wood-fired craft pizza – you are missing out! The ceremony had an officiant in a kilt. Toward the end of the ceremony Matt was ready for the big kiss moment but Molly said not yet – which received a good laugh! The Groom’s favorite band was a big hit and he even serenaded his Bride on the ukulele. And what celebration isn’t complete without a game of musical chairs! At the end of the night what can be sweeter than Graeter’s ice cream? Molly and Matthew – thank you for inviting us to join in on all of the fun! I can’t wait to share more photos that document the day!

Wedding Venue: Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum (Ancient Sculpture Museum)
Menswear: Peppe Ramundo
Makeup and Hair: Luna Blue, Oxford
Floral: Robin Wood Flowers
Caterer: Catch-a-Fire Pizza and Mad Tree
Band: Jake Speed and the Freddies and The Faux Frenchmen

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Since Molly is a vet and their family won’t be complete without pets – this is their lego family!!!

pyramidhillwedding-40 pyramidhillwedding-41 pyramidhillwedding-42 pyramidhillwedding-43 pyramidhillwedding-44 pyramidhillwedding-45 pyramidhillwedding-46 pyramidhillwedding-47 pyramidhillwedding-48 pyramidhillwedding-49 pyramidhillwedding-50 pyramidhillwedding-51 pyramidhillwedding-52 pyramidhillwedding-54pyramidhillwedding-55 pyramidhillwedding-56pyramidhillwedding-57pyramidhillwedding-53 pyramidhillwedding-58

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