Courtney and Craig’s Custom Proof Box

One thing that I really miss about being in the darkroom is holding a finished print in my hands. Having something tangible and something I can hang up is wonderful. It reminds me of when I first knew that I wanted to be a photographer. A photojournalist from our local paper said “what if I told you that I could stop time and then give you that to hold in your hands.” My little 9 year old mind thought of this like a superpower. What better way to remember the moments of your day than to look through your photos and jog your memory. Courtney and Craig’s wedding was full of amazing moments and I am so glad we were there to document them! How valuable our job really is can often be found many years down the road after the wedding has been cleaned up and the favors eaten. Their custom proof box holds all of their proofs and is a wonderful keepsake box! I just know they will treasure this for years to come.



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