Craft Time

One of my favorite things as a kid was crafts! After a long day at school I would come home to my little square table and start creating. My mom found projects wherever she could and pretty quickly I would focus on getting down to getting messy! Elmer’s glue, sparkles, construction paper – those were the tools. Often I miss that hands on part when I work on my computer these days. There is just something about peeling glue off your fingers and the feeling of thick construction paper.

When my good friend Stacey from Bridal Divas Ink told me about wanting to do a craft time with the kids at the Ronald McDonald House I was super excited! We shopped at Michaels’ picking out all kinds of goodies to make Valentines with the kids. In March we had a fun St. Patrick’s Day theme complete with rainbows and leprechauns. This month we did fun animal masks, visors and puppets! And Stacey read Where the Wild Things Are as the kids made their animal sounds when she said the word Max! The kids and the parents always really enjoy the fun project! We are so luck to have our friends and wedding vendor friends volunteer with us.  (You know us wedding people are creative hehe!) I can’t wait for next month’s craft project!


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