Dana and Shawn, a Rolling Meadows Ranch Wedding

If rain on your wedding day means good luck these two are going to have the best marriage – it poured all day. But that didn’t stop anyone from having fun! At Brian Manor we loved exploring the courtyard and the arches provided shelter. Then we headed back to Rolling Meadows Ranch for the ceremony and reception.  The cutest set of kids walked down the aisle holding a daisy chain. What a great way to include them in the ceremony. And one of my favorites – the second kiss – the one just after the ceremony that is excited that it is officially official! So much passion! The reception included a thoughtful toast from a husband and wife and emotional dances with parents. Twinkle lights in a barn – need I say more? Dana and Shawn we wish you two all the very best! Together you have proven you can weather any storm! A big thank you to their friends and family who covered the couple and us with umbrellas, held dresses behind doorways and made this one heck of a great celebration! 

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