Dinning in Nashville

Nashville is a great city to visit! We just got back from Imaging USA – a great photographers convention. We met many of the top photographers in the world, checked out new products at the trade show, made some new friends and eat great! Below were our favorites and yes we love to eat local when we can. Who doesn’t love finding the local favorites?

Demos’ – When we first arrived in town we headed downtown to find some fun places. There were a lot of great places in that area but the parking garage attendant recommended Demos’ without hesitation. When we arrived the place was packed and we were like oh no. But a guy leaving said that they get you in fast and not to worry. So we took his advice and waited probably 10 minutes. We figured it was a great sign that they were packed. They are famous for their spaghetti and steaks (weird combo but we gave it a shot). The bread was great, heck everything was great. The steak came with a side and either a salad or soup. The cost – cheap! We ate a ton of food and where else can you get a fabulous steak and all of the sides for $12! They even brought out a sampler of the spaghetti sauces. Their sauces were amazing!!! And if you know me I never order spaghetti in a restaurant and I loved so many of their homemade sauces. My sister would love this place (she loves spaghetti). Overall a great restaurant with great food and amazingly cheap prices.

Ken’s Japanese – This is a true hole in the whole in the wall type restaurant. It is right by Vanderbilt University. We were skeptical at first (there was a funky bench outside) but asked some locals and they recommended it. The sushi was great! We even tried the Nashville Roll which was amazing! It had a sheet of cucumber on the outside of the roll. The prices were great.

The Aquarium Restaurant – This restaurant was a lot of fun. It had the best view from our comfy booth seat. In the middle of the restaurant was a huge (200,000 gallon) aquarium. The tank was full of beautiful fish. It was fun to watch them swim and it was a great way to relax and enjoy dinner. The food was a bit expensive, but we shared a large platter that had a ton of food. And their hot drinks and soup were excellent. The quality of the food was wonderful. We are picky seafood eaters (aka we know what fresh tastes like and appreciate good fresh seafood) and we loved this place. It was a unique and fun place to relax and dine.

Fuji Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi – After attempting to drive home through Nashville rush-hour we decided to stop and eat. We found this little place close to the exit ramp. We decided to try the hibachi because their early bird special was great. The chef was a ton of fun and had lots of great jokes and the food was amazing. It was a ton of food! This was a great random find but I would definitely recommend it!


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