Engagement Ring Redesign

This weekend we are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary. It is exciting to look back on our wedding weekend and to relive the moments through our photos. Having a physical album is something I will always treasure. As a kid I remember looking at my parents’ photos every year and would ask about the story of the day and the powder blue shirt my father wore. At the end of last year I decided to do something just for me and to update my engagement ring. After my grandmother passed in 2014 I received a beautiful set of earrings and matching necklace. They were set in gold which I don’t wear as often as white gold. The earrings were small and had a simple backing that made me worried I would easily lose them. So I was very careful when I wore them and I always thought of my grandmother with a smile. So I took the sapphire stones (which are one of my favorite gemstones) and put them next to my diamond. Then I looked up settings online and found some great ideas. Ted from Herzog helped to explain which settings would work with the size stones I have and which would  stick up and annoy me with daily wear. I also made sure to ask my husband Ben to make sure that he was ok with the changes. He had picked the perfect engagement ring and I didn’t want him to feel like I was making too drastic of a change. He loved the idea and how the darker stones enhance the diamond. Getting my ring back was so exciting and still look at it all the time! I am so thankful for Ted and his ring designer for the advice and beautiful craftsmanship. My Nikon camera and 105 macro lens were used for this close up with the background items being my veil and tiara from 2004!

Engagement ring by Herzog Jewelers in Northern Kentucky.

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