Fashion Forward: Christine Day Two

Day two of our Fashion Forward adventure took us to Elizabethton (a cute little town with a covered bridge), somewhere off the road and on the Appalachian Trail and to Backbone Rock. We knew that our final stop would involve Christine getting in the water and once the dress was wet that would be the end of the two day session. Wedding dresses are heavy and once they are wet they are super heavy. I am glad we picked Backbone Rock because it brought back so many fond memories of college. There are hiking trails and great places to sit and listen to the water (and pretend to study). Christine and I had even taken a photo trip there, trying to get photos for an assignment. One of my inspirations for this part of the session was a painting of Ophelia. I love how Ophelia is beautiful even submerged in water. Overall day two was great and I loved how the sunlight was perfect for our photos (cue the sun please).

I decided to ask Christine a few questions to hear what she thought about the session!

What was your favorite part of the photo sessions?- being in the water. It was the trickiest part, being that it was cold water and it was difficult to move around once the dress was submerged waist deep and beyond.

Did your dress get super dirty? Surprisingly no. It does need to be cleaned, but even friends have commented that it looks as if I only wore it on my wedding day because it is only a little dirty around the rim of the skirt. (note: the dress was never cleaned after the wedding.)

Would you recommend this type of session to someone? OH DEFINITELY!

What surprised you about the session? I was surprised at how easy it was not to worry so much about staying clean. I already have my wedding photos of the dress in it’s prime and wasn’t really interested in selling my dress. But I was still amazed at how easy it was for me to sit on something dirty and just not care.

How cold was the water? Really really cold. It was a mountain stream after all.

Did you enjoy getting to dress up and wear your dress again? Oh, after almost 4 years, I was thrilled I still fit in it!!!

Did you have any hesitations? It took me a long time to decide to do it because I knew I might ruin the dress, but once I realized I didn’t particularly want to sell it but knew that I don’t have an occasion to ever wear it again, the decision was easy.

What was your favorite location? Backbone Rock.

How did people react when they saw what you were doing? People seemed to think it was the coolest thing ever. And now that they’ve seen the dress survive, they are telling me to sell it.

What was the hardest pose/position to do in a big dress? maneuvering around in the water. That dress was heavy… and even heavier wet.

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