Favorites: A new book by Sasha Souza!

PottingerPhotoSashaSouzaBook-2When I look for inspiration I head to a favorite bookstore or museum. Everywhere you turn there is something taking you away to another country. From the lily pond gardens in a Monet painting in France to the guidebooks with exotic birds of paradise – I love getting lost browsing. Recently I had a chance to meet Sasha Souza at a local wedding event. She was a wonderful speaker and even took the time to answer many questions from the audience. Her recent book Signature Sasha: Weddings and Celebrations to Inspire is a perfect read for any bride. She gives tips on how to D.Y.O. – Design Your Own – which is more about making it unique to the couple than a simple diy. There are also great full color examples of some of her recent events and 30 color palettes to swoon over! The reading is light and fun and the photos are incredible. I would highly recommend this to any couple who want to personalize their event. I know I can’t wait to use some of her fun party ideas for inspiration for my next social event!

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