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When it comes to wedding makeup, one of my favorite companies to work with is Brideface. Nancy and her talented team really know how to make a bride have an extra wow factor! What I love is that our brides still look like themselves and their natural beauty is highlighted.With today’s very high resolution cameras it makes natural looking makeup even more important. When our brides look and feel great their confidence really shows in their photos! Nancy answered some questions for me recently about weddings and I am excited to share!

What do you love about weddings? 
Every day of my job is different, and everyone is always happy and giddy! What other job gives you the opportunity to be part of the most photographed day of a person’s life?

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
I get to be there when all the girls are primping, gossiping, sharing embarrassing stories from their past, squealing when the flowers arrive…it’s so over the top girly!PottingerPhotoCincinnatiWeddingSt.AndrewsPattisonParkPhoto3
What makes your company different than other in the area?

The majority of our team trained under celebrity makeup artist Laura Mercier, and her philosophy of makeup is all about perfecting the skin but not covering like a mask. Our look is very much centered on glowing skin, juicy cheeks, and super lush lashes.
Why is it important to have a makeup artist?
The thing about bridal makeup that makes it challenging is that it has to look good in a myriad of different lighting, "pop" from a great distance (yet still look soft and gorgeous up close), and last for 12 + hours through sweat and tears. The products have to be designed for photography and not contain any ingredients that will cause "wash out", and the features should be contoured and defined in such a way that you still look like "you" only better. Even the savviest bride usually does not know how to accomplish all of those things! It is also nice to not have to worry about applying makeup if you have shaky hands!

How far in advance should a bride book you?
We have booked as close as a week out, and as far out as nearly two years! Some dates are crazy popular and others stay open until the last minute. I would never delay in booking any wedding pro that you really want; the good ones get snatched up!

What is your favorite makeup colors for this fall?
Pantone’s color of the year was honeysuckle and of course pinks are always huge with weddings, no matter the season! But I also love the smoky plums, deep golds, and bitter oranges. Most women can really rock bronzes and coppers on their eyes and it’s an easy transition for someone stuck in a rut with neutrals.

What wedding trend do you wish would die out?
I would love to see brides get more adventurous with their lip color; so many of my clients love a nude lip but I am hoping the continuing Mad men craze will steer brides into the reds and corals!

What are your favorite up and coming trends?
We will see huge influence from  Kate Middleton with bold brows and from Kim Kardashian with over- the- top eyes.

What other services do you offer to help couples?
We do makeup for boudoir shoots (I always say that the fewer clothes you have on, the more makeup you need!), engagement photos, bridal showers, you name it! Our makeup classes are also a great alternative for someone who isn’t so much into the standard raucous bachelorette party; bring a couple bottles of wine and all your makeup, and learn how to perfect your skills!

Do you have one tip for making sure couples have great makeup?
That does bring up a good point; we are happy to do groom touchups as well; just last week I had a fella who woke up with a sprinkling of acne and then ended up cutting himself shaving-several times. Needless to say, his face was a mess. I was able to camouflage his spots and make him look like his handsome self.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
For brides who are still committed to DIY’ing their makeup (ala Kate Middleton) we do offer a one on one lesson where we walk you through the entire application. This is great for brides doing a destination wedding where they may not want to trust an artist they’ve never met (or perhaps speaks another language)!

For more information on Brideface, be sure to check out their website,!

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