Happy First Anniversary to Lindsay and David

Congratulations to Lindsay and David on their one year anniversary! Their wedding a year ago today was such a beautiful celebration. Their ceremony was at St. Aloysius Chapel and their fun reception was at the 20th Century Theatre . The ceremony was emotional and seeing their big grins at the end of the ceremony through my viewfinder had me start to tear up. The best part of the day had to be spending time with the couple at the church and the park. These two probably wouldn’t have noticed if I walked away for 20 minutes! It was fun to watch them relax together and enjoy a few quiet moments. We wish this couple all the very best in life! To see more of their photos be sure to check out their blog post and coffee table book!

PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-00 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-6 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-8 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-10 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-12 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-14 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-16 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-19 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-22 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-29 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-37 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-40 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-41 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-42 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-45 PottingerPhoto20thCenturyAultParkSt.AloysiusCincinnati-46

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