Happy First Anniversary to Nicole and Jeff

Congratulations to Nicole and Jeff on their first anniversary! Their touching ceremony was at Lakeside Christian Church in Northern Kentucky. Their reception followed at Receptions South. It was a beautiful day full of so many laughs and smiles. I love how their officiant told their story of how they first became friends when going on a mission trip. After the ceremony we took a short detour to Chipotle – one of their favorite restaurants. The couple wanted to be able to greet all of their guests at the receptions so they knew they wouldn’t have time to eat. We stopped and had a bite to eat – yummy! Nicole and Jeff we wish you two all the very best! To see more of their wedding photos, be sure to check out their blog post. PottingerPhotographyKentuckyWeddingPhotographerBlogLakeside Christian ChurchReceptionsSouthErlangerASpoonFullofSugarCincinnatiWeddingPhotographerBlog-20

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