Heika and Zach, a Smale Park fall engagement session

Every time I go to Smale Park there is a new part of the park to explore. It was so fun to walk around with this couple and be inspired. We checked out the new rose garden, the chess area and the picnic area. It was a beautiful evening and it was fun to hear more about their Newport Aquarium wedding. Heika and Zach thanks for making your session full of smiles and laughs. I can’t wait for your wedding next year!

PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-01 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-1 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-02 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-2 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-4 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-5 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-7 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-8 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-9 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-10 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-11 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-12 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-14 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-14a PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-15 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-16 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-17 PottingerPhotoSmaleParkEngagement-18

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