Hoosier Cabinet DIY

Sometimes the best projects include a little elbow grease, a fresh coat of paint and some styling! We have a great group for our neighborhood on Facebook and recently a neighbor posted this wonderful hoosier cabinet. They were tired of it being in their garage and knew it needed work. My husband’s grandmother has a similar style cabinet. Some of his favorite memories include her putting pancakes on it so the grandkids could grab a stack. Recently she posted a photo of her homemade bread. Since I have a smaller kitchen space with limited cabinets I thought it would be a great idea for more storage. So when I saw this one I jumped on the chance to give it new life. My love for vintage is mixed with simple and clean designs. The original color was white and I also kept all of the unique parts like the flour sifter. And by shoping what I already own and what I wanted to have on display, there wasn’t much cost involved. Even though I have painted a few different things I am pretty new to furniture. So there are a few things I learned along the way. The first step was cleaning the piece really well with original dawn dish soap and water. It needed a good cleaning and to be out in the sun a bit to dry. This took some time but was a great covid-19 quarantine project. Next I borrowed my neighbors sander (I guess they are called hand or palm sanders) to smooth the finish. Because the hardware was so old and painted on the backsides I decided to keep them on because they probably wouldn’t go back on. For the paint I knew I wanted something that was really nice. I messaged Wendy from Dresser Up Vintage Boutique & Restorations in Newport and was able to pick it up the next day (she even ran it out to my car and helped me finalize my pick). The paint used was Fusion Mineral Paint and it was wonderful. It didn’t even smell and had a nice coat! Wendy helped me pick the warm white color Casement. It was also great because I didn’t have to use wax or a sealant.  I used a large round brush I had on hand by Colorantic. And no surprise my favorite part was grabbing my favorite event pieces. They remind of me of the many parties we have helped to plan and host. The pitcher fits right under the grain sifter perfectly and it was a gift from a very special friend. Also included are plates from my Grandparent’s china, a few decor pieces from some styled wedding photo sessions and dish towels from Ben’s grandmother.

Wendy from Dresser Up in Newport, Kentucky
Fusion Mineral Paint

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