Introducing Stacey from Bridal Divas Ink


Stacey is an amazing designer and I always love seeing her passion for her work and her brides. Many of our brides have used her services for their invitations and have loved working with her. Don’t you just love receiving a beautiful wedding invitation in the mail? It really sets the tone for the wedding. Be sure to check out her website!

When did you first realize you wanted to be a designer?

I grew up singing opera, but always loved the natural talent my sisters had in art and writing. I didn’t have a natural talent like they did so I stuck with singing until I decided if I wanted it I could learn no matter if it comes naturally or not. My first few years at DAAP for design were some of the best and worst.  I was surrounded by talent and inspiration and when I would turn in my projects I could see my short comings. That just pushed me to work harder and to build my weaknesses into strengths. Now I am proud to be able to call myself a designer!

What is your design training?

I started at the University of Cincinnati as a returning adult student (very entertaining to be surrounded by 18 year olds) and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from the Design, Architecture, Art and Planning program. In my second year at DAAP I realized I loved graphics and web design so I began to study those on the side.

What is your typical work process?

My time with my brides is always fun and exciting. We talk about their thoughts on their wedding style and what they are planning for the day and we begin to look through our designs that are all created by local artists. I love thinking that they are getting an art piece that they can customize to fit the feel of their wedding. The brides are always happy to learn about the artist’s work they have selected and that each of our artists volunteer in their community. Knowing that your wedding can touch the lives of others is one of the reasons I began this business and sharing that with my bride is important.

Where do you go for inspiration?

I find inspiration in nature and have a love for flower arranging. It’s almost like meditation to sit with a group of flowers and figure out how they work together. There is a Moto Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, class in West Chester that I can’t miss each month.

What are your favorite upcoming trends?

In design, I love the personality that I am seeing shine through on wedding stationery. Couple’s are stepping outside the box to share their story and open their lives up to their guests.

In the world, I see a big movement of becoming more involved in your community and taking part in making it a better place for you, your family and friends.  I love hearing about community-lending and the huge impact it will have on the local economies.

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