Jamie and Richard, Best of 2009

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Richard and Jamie had beautiful weather for their wedding day. We went to Ault Park for a few photos because it is a special place for them. Richard proposed there! Ault Park was absolutely stunning with all of the flowers and foliage.

32 responses to “Jamie and Richard, Best of 2009”

  1. Jan Ellis says:

    Yea! Is it possible to vote for these two a hundred times? I love this shot! Thanks for making them come up soon on the rotation. I hope they win!

  2. Jamie Anderson says:

    I love this picture. You guys were so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brenda says:

    Jan be sure to spread the word for people to vote. One vote per person. I am sure you could get your Sunday School “kids” help hehe!

  4. Tiffany Pringle says:

    This is a gorgeous photo!! Absolutely love it!!!

  5. Greg Pringle says:

    Great photo!

  6. Tiffany Pringle says:

    Love this photo!! Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Donna M says:

    Love that picture you had a beautiful day and beautiful wedding

  8. betsy anderson says:

    Is this how I vote with my comment? Just absolutely the most beautiful couple on the planet! I love these guys to death (I’m the groom’s mother, can you tell?)

  9. Nan Jude says:

    Love, Love, Love this picture………….You gotta win!!!

  10. Barb Cagle says:

    Beautiful picture of a beautiful couple!

  11. Dustin G says:

    That Richard is so dreamy.

  12. Frederick Anderson says:

    Breathe takeing! I dont know hoooow you do it!!

  13. Frederick Anderson says:

    Hmm so I realize i might have spelled that wrong…Oh well!

  14. Connie says:

    Beautiful day, beautiful wedding and beautiful couple. This is a winner for sure!

  15. Sandy Job-Rivera says:

    Beautiful shot! They look great and the park was the perfect setting.

  16. Sadie says:

    The angles are great and unique. The setting is not too wild, not too tame. They both look relaxed/awesome and so does the lighting! Great job! This is more than the average wedding photo!

  17. Heather Nichols says:

    All the pictures for Richard and Jamie were gorgeous… shows so clearly their love for each other. So wonderful!

  18. Paul L. Hershey says:

    These are so beautiful

  19. Paul L. Hershey says:

    Best wishes

  20. barbara kovaz says:

    fabulous couple! a reminder of what Love is all about! a proud aunt!

  21. katie r says:

    so pretty!

  22. Alex says:

    love this picture! congratulations on the wedding! The dress looks so beautiful!!

  23. sarah says:


  24. Leslie Skurka says:

    What a beautiful picture! You can feel the love…

  25. Gina says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful photo! Lovely couple.

  26. Linda says:

    Life-time memory photo – beautiful!

  27. dewey anderson says:

    The beauty of their kiss and the radiant flowers will forever be remembered on this their wedding day! Love Dad (Dewey)

  28. long live ty cobb says:

    Good composition – good borders, leading single point with the sidewalk. AND of course the very happy newly weds!!

  29. Ronda Gerard says:

    Stunning!!! The best in the bunch!!

  30. Jacqueline Cutting says:

    What a beautiful couple! Great picture!

  31. Richard says:

    Love this photo, captured the perfect moment with beautiful scenery.

  32. Mary Lou Seurkamp says:

    Simply beautiful!!!! From another proud aaunt!