Kendra and Casey, a Smale Riverfront Park Engagement

When we were trying to decide which park to take photos at I remember Kendra telling me that they were the classic “country boy” and “city girl.” So I knew Smale Riverfront Park would be the perfect marriage of a location for their engagement session. This park is always growing and we had a blast exploring together. Casey likes to fish so we had to include his tackle box and hook. We had a blast and now I can’t wait for their wedding day!

DSC_4002DSC_fishengagementringSmaleEngagement-3989 SmaleEngagement-3913 SmaleEngagement-3871 SmaleEngagement-3858 SmaleEngagement-3832 SmaleEngagement-3813 SmaleEngagement-3804 SmaleEngagement-3778 SmaleEngagement-3724 SmaleEngagement-3686 SmaleEngagement-3680 SmaleEngagement-3652 PottingerPhotoSmaleRiverfrontCincinnatiengagement-3900

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