Meet Joan Bishop from Cincinnati By Design

Sometimes you just know when you meet someone that you will be fast friends. I met Joan at a bridal show last year and I was so impressed by not only her beautiful designs but also by her warm heart. Her creativity is inspiring! I couldn’t wait to feature her on our blog as one of our favorites. Meet Joan Bishop:

After an amazing 30 year career in graphic design and marketing at a major Ohio university, I decided to return to my home town (the city that i LOVE) to start my own design boutique. It’s been scary at times, challenging for sure, along with a few hair raising experiences. With no prior business experience I started on this new journey in August 2012 and I haven’t looked back since. 


I believe the creation of good design is a problem-solving activity. There is the challenge, the real fun, that lies ahead for most us who love design; It’s the challenge is what inspires me.


One of my most favorite tasks: I get to talk to clients directly, and I know what’s expected of me every time I take on a new project. I love that I’m responsible for the creative thought and design behind my work. I’m delivering something special to brides who purchase something that I custom created. I like to think that I’m designing emotion. It’s not often in the corporate world that you can design with pink or use a gorgeous script font. I no longer have to hold back my creativity in my day to day corporate life and I love it!


I love going to my brides’ wedding ceremonies to watch them walk down the aisle. This is the pinnacle of happiness in every couples’ lives and I enjoy being a small part of that time. It’s exhilarating and surreal to have a client love my work. Designing feeds my soul; I’m very blessed to have this talent.


My very best advice to the many wonderful brides is the same that I give my own children. Don’t be led or pressured by your peers. Plan the wedding that YOU envision. Wear the bridal gown that you love — whether or not it has a designer tag. And above all else, establish a budget before you make any decisions. This should be your first priority after putting that engagement ring on your finger.  Stay within your budget. This discipline should follow you into marriage. You’ll never live to regret this. Have a great time planning, let others help you and stop worrying about every detail. Enjoy the process. 


Joan Bishop, Professional Graphic Designer
Cincinnati By Design Wedding Boutique
West Chester, Ohio
Education: B.Ed /BFA

A special thank you to Lace for allowing us to borrow a veil and a beautiful bedded belt for our photo shoot!

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