Meet Sweet Abby

PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-00I have been so excited for Abby to arrive! Every step of the way Jennifer has updated me to how she was feeling in her pregnancy and I couldn’t be happier for her and Mike! Their wedding at the Newport Aquarium a few years ago was so much fun to photograph. Since then Jennifer and I have had a chance to get to know each other more as friends and she even custom designed our wonderful website and blog! Abby is absolutely adorable and I didn’t want to stop holding her! Isn’t’ she the sweetest?

PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-1 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-2 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-3 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-5 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-7 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-8 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-9 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-10 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-11 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-12 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-13 PottingerPhotoCincinnatinewbornportraits-6

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