Meet Teresa Dinwiddie-Herrmann Event Specialist at Pebble Creek


One of my all time favorite venues to work with is Pebble Creek! Their beautiful grounds, amazing sunsets and top-notch customer service is hard to beat. So I asked Teresa to tell me a little bit more about her background and inspiration.

I couldn’t be happier to have joined the team at Pebble Creek.  I have been in the event industry for about 16 years. I started as an intern in Event Design with Bensons Catering & Event Design and transitioned into a catering manager position in just three years. I was able to be a part of some amazing upscale events in the city’s unique and historic venues.  I then moved to The Phoenix and for almost six years was involved in probably 24 to 40 weddings a year.  For six years I was able to work with an upscale caterer while caring for my little ones.  When I decided to come back to the industry full-time, Pebble Creek was my first choice!  I can’t help but think it was meant to be!  My husband and I have golfed here, his Grandparents were members here when it was private club years ago, and our family has attended events here over the years and I have always recommended it to family and friends.


You have to understand that I take my role here very seriously.  I put my heart and soul into my work.  Why?  Because this is my passion!  I always knew I would be in weddings and events.  I was strongly influenced as a child, by my grandmother, Thelma.  Thelma was one crafty lady.  She lived in this tiny Cape cod just outside the city of Cincinnati.  Her second floor attic was a crafter’s heaven on earth.  On days she allowed us to make or paint creations with her, she would open the door to the attic and the aroma of dusty wooden floors would immediately hit us.  The second I stepped on the first step, it would give out the loudest screech and the rest of the steps creaked as we walked up them.  I loved going up those steps.  The entire attic was stuffed with dressers and boxes filled with craft supplies, glue, notions and novelties.  Boxes of fabrics and silk greens lined the walls with paints, paint brushes and supplies.  Old cigar boxes held the most interesting clay tools or little jars of glitter.  It was a magical place and even more so because we could choose our medium, and get to take it all downstairs to create something wonderful for a holiday or birthday gift.


Needless to say, every celebration in our family had some special touch brought in by Gram Thelma.  It could be a doll cake, a shadow box adorned with the special occasion invitation or announcement, or it could be just that she wrapped your birthday gift with a very special bow and accented it with a matching themed novelty.  Regardless, she created some type of homemade piece that brought everything in the event together.  Of course this had a huge impression on me.


There you have it.  I grew up wanting to make something simple into something special.  Any little occasion in my life had to be embellished to be something more.  I wanted to make people feel special and loved by creating something special for them.  My heart goes into what I do for this reason.  Creating is my giving.  Thank goodness my husband gets that and understands it.  He only slightly cringes now when I say the words…. “Oh my gosh, I HAVE AN IDEA”!


And now, I get to help local families plan their most precious moments at this amazing facility.  When you enter through the front doors of this Southern Plantation style building, you may feel as though you are entering an old-style mansion or exclusive, upscale country club, but you are quickly put at ease with warm colors, rich wood trim and beautiful bannister on the main staircase.  As you enter our rooms, you know you are not in a hall or a ballroom, but instead, you are in a dining room. 


Since the current trends have been outdoor, country, barn, shabby chic and vintage outdoor weddings, our outside Terrace has been used like never before.  Sure we can have your beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, but it can transform into an outdoor, festival lighted “country view” reception.  The really nice part is that we have the comfort of the indoors, should it be required with inclement weather.  Brides have brought in hay bales, pumpkins, outdoor lights and all the other modern or vintage fun accents to make that outdoor country reception.  We also are very lucky, in that it is really easy to plan for wedding fireworks displays at Pebble Creek.  The 6-8 minute shows are a nice surprise to guests and take place over our lake, which does a great job of mirroring the show and making it feel even more spectacular!


We have been adding “Pinterest-ie” fun options to our packages that couples have truly loved.  We have a Lemonade Stand with lemonade, iced tea, lemons, blueberries, raspberries and paper straws.  We can have the stand outside or inside.  For winter weddings or holiday parties, we offer the most adorable Gourmet Hot Cocoa Station.  Of course we also have the S’mores Station, Pizza Station, Late Night Breakfast Bar, Cincinnati Chili, and more.  However, the best “bar” in town, must be our very famous “Mac-N-Cheese Bar”.  Pebble Creek’s Mac-N-Cheese is a true crowd pleaser, but throw in a nice display of toppings and the crowd goes wild! 


The people of Pebble Creek treat their clients like family.  From first tour to execution of the event, Mary and her staff are making sure details are handled.  Our chef and staff do their part to be sure guests leave impressed with the quality of food.  Many of our clients have friends and family come back to plan their own events.  There have been multiple families that plan multiple life cycle events at Pebble Creek…rehearsal dinners, weddings, showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, life celebrations, baptisms and even family holiday gatherings…plus more.  Many of our clients and neighbors also attend our very own events, such as our Murder Mystery Dinners.  So while we are not a “Private Club”, anyone who plans an event with us, certainly becomes part of the family at Pebble Creek!

Pebble Creek Golf Course and Event Center
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