Pebble Creek Golf Course, a Cincinnati Favorite

We love Pebble Creek! It is a wonderful location for a Cincinnati wedding. We asked Teresa what her favorite things were that they offered. Our favorite thing – our couples get to enjoy their celebration without worrying about anything!

  1. It’s all here… when you book with us, you are booking a venue that does the set-up, the clean-up and handles the timing and deliveries with your vendors.
  2. We give a lot of advice and suggestions for what we have seen work really well and guide you in planning the room lay out and timeline for the night.  There is never a time when you aren’t sure about where you are in the planning process, as we outline the whole process for you and help keep you on track.
  3. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY POSSIBILITIES- rain or shine, we have a lot of photography possibilities and have the most amazing and romantic SUNSETS!
  4. Our Event Coordinators!  Brides have said time and time again that they love working us because we make planning EASY and are quick to respond to their questions with answers.
  5. Food and service!  Guests love our food because it is made fresh, here at our facility.  People love our people….our servers and bartenders are very friendly and helpful.

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