Regional Print Competition


It is always nerve racking to enter a photo competition. I have entered quite a few as kid through school award programs and 4-H. You spend tons of time preparing your photos and hope that the judges see what you see in each image. In February I entered our Photo Pro Network regional print competition and received two merited images. It was wonderful to be recognized by a group of professional photographers. I am a big believe in continual education and honing my craft. I do this by attending classes, networking with other photographers and entering print competitions. It is expensive and time consuming to enter but the experience is very valuable. Winning a merit with a wedding image is very difficult because most of the images competing are created in studio and are carefully posed and created.  But I always believe that the biggest elements in a photo is the story and emotion. And weddings are full of wonderful candid moments! (Thank you to my friend Nicholas Viltrakis for taking this photo of me by my photos!)



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