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Louisville has so many beautiful little areas. And St. James Ct. always inspires! These two were so much fun to get to know more during their session. I love seeing them make each other laugh. We also explored Central Park and Butchertown. On a recent trip to Louisville, I loved seeing the brick and street […]

This time of year I always get a little homesick for where I grew up.  When the local university’s band plays My Old Kentucky Home my state pride swells and I tend to get a little teary. The beautiful ladies in fancy hats make for excellent people watching. And the parade of  strong horses and […]

Congratulations to Katie and Bruce on their first anniversary! Their ceremony and reception at Mellwood Art Center, in Louisville, Kentucky was beautiful! My favorite part of the day had to be watching the ceremony and seeing the smile on Katie‚Äôs face! And the emotional toasts supporting the couple were perfect. Katie and Bruce we wish […]