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There is something about watching two people in love interact that always makes me smile. It could be a soft kiss or a gentle squeeze. Brittany and Will met up with me at the University of Cincinnati for their engagement session. We had a great time walking around the campus and chatting about our travel […]

Emily and Travis, Engagement Book

September 5th, 2011

Emily and Travis met up with me at one of my favorite campuses – the University of Cincinnati. The architecture and scenery is so inspiring. It was so great to get to know this couple more and here about their wedding plans. The weather was amazing and I couldn’t help but find a puddle to […]

Last night I met up with Emily and Travis for their fun engagement session at UC. The storm had passed and the night was gorgeous! Don’t you just love the beautiful light just before sunset! It was great to catch up with the couple and to get to know them better. I can’t wait for […]