Top 3 Hotels in Cincinnati


Hotel Covington Lobby

The lobby of Hotel Covington in Kentucky is warm and inviting. I love the industrial chandeliers with the plush velvet chairs!

Hotel Covington
One of my favorite things is to be a tourist in my own little town. Covington, Kentucky is just across the river from downtown Cincinnati. And my favorite view of the city skyline at night is just a few blocks away. As this hotel was opening they hosted a really great awards event. Because it was going to be a late-night a friend invited me to stay with her. It was so much fun to wake up and have breakfast and to enjoy the hospitality. This hotel is contemporary but also comfortable. From plush furniture and pillows in the lobby to a unique industrial courtyard – this is a favorite! It brings the traditional Kentucky favorites with more refined decor.

21C Museum Hotel

21C Museum Hotel is the perfect place for wedding photos and for guests to stay in downtown Cincinnati.

21C Museum
Want something a little different? Check out the contemporary art gallery and hotel 21C! This is a funky place and I love trying to find the giant plastic penguin. Need a break? Check out their Spa. And their cocktail terrace offers a great view of the city. Their unique mix of vintage and modern is everything! Check out the staircase with purple and gold carpet. Or lay down and look up at the light changing fiber-optic art installation by Astrid Krogh.

The Summit Hotel

The Summit Hotel is a grand space with lots of natural light for any event.

The Summit Hotel
Maybe you want something a little larger? This hotel is located a little further North in a Cincinnati neighborhood called Madisonville. The large rooms, foyer, and rooftop terrace are great for entertaining and events. The natural light and open spaces are unique. Grab some dinner inspired by local ingredients. There is plenty of room for any large gathering!

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