Wedding Registry

The venue is booked and now your best friends are ready to throw you a bridal shower. Does the wedding list say to start a wedding registry? It is a service by a store or website that helps couples tell their guests what they would like to receive as gifts. Some of the benefits include easy returns (on both items on and off your list), discounts on items that are on your list but not purchased (great for gift cards and from in-store credit from returns), and even free items. Often your guests like ordering something you truly want with the benefits of free wrapping and sometimes shipping. But what if you are combining households and don’t need another toaster or blender.

Here are a few things I recommend registering for with that pricing gun. Really good pots and pans (I like Calphalon) and nice knives (Henkels and Wusthof) are wonderful because they last a really long time. Pick different price points at different stores since some people like to gift something big and then something little. If you get multiple you can return and buy something else. Some registries gift something just for registering (like Bed Bath & Beyond). And people often gift frames with a gift certificate to get photos made or money toward an album after the wedding. Honeymoon experiences are a great idea too. No matter what you do, you will receive duplicates and will need to make returns. People buy at stores they like to shop at and a registry makes things so much easier. My family loves shopping at Kohls’s so I made sure they had options there for everyone. I also had guests who wanted to get towels but they weren’t on the registry at the department store (the cute ones were at Target) so they just bought ones at their favorite department store. Many people have the love language of gifts so be sure to let them do that for you. And thank you notes, buy some cute postcards and postcard stamps and write them as you get the gifts because it can get overwhelming after showers and planning. Make a copy of your guest list and print out extra guest address labels and return labels.

wedding gift table

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