Wedding Tip: The Vendor List

I like to meet with my brides about a month before their wedding to finalize their schedule and locations. It’s also great when my brides bring me a Vendor List. This list has all of the contact information for all of your wedding day vendors. So many of my brides have such beautiful details that I always am asked where a bride found something or who she used. The other benefit of such a list is that it keeps you organized with everyone’s information in one place. When it is time to finalize time and locations with all of your vendors you can pull out your handy list. At the rehearsal hand it over to your maid of honor in case any calls need to be made. If you would like to get started on yours early just send me an email and I will send you our list or feel free to copy the list below. It has a bunch of vendor categories listed on it – or you can make your own. Don’t forget the fun things like who is doing your hair and makeup!

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