Win a Fashion Forward Photo Session

We are excited to announce a fun contest! We are giving away a Fashion Forward session. It’s a very artistic trash the dress session that doesn’t always involve ruining the dress.You are welcome to either use your wedding dress or our dress (we actually have two dresses with the same style in an 8 and a 10). Who can enter? Any woman 18 and up. The session will take place in the Cincinnati area before July 1, 2012. To enter, like our Facebook page and post a comment on this blog telling us what you would like to do for the session (please note it will take minute to approve the comments for them to show up). Get creative! Would you paint in your dress, jump in a pool or eat something with ketchup? Want to be entered twice to win? Post a link on your facebook page to the contest. The winner will be picked on Valentine’s Day! (EDITED: If you can’t post a comment here, please email your idea to info at


The dress that is available to be rocked out!

Christine’s fun session in Johnson City, Tennessee.


8 responses to “Win a Fashion Forward Photo Session”

  1. Being that it IS winter, evening though we’re not getting snow… I think doing a snow session would be awesome! Tubing, skiing, snow shoeing (yes, I own my own!) I think could look really great with a white dress on white snow!

  2. Amanda says:

    I’d love to have a few outside but mostly I think having a bath in a clawfoot tub would be an awesome way to trash a dress!

  3. Leah Kelley says:

    Taking a walk in a creek and getting a little muddy would be a fun way to trash the dress. Get the back of the dress caught on a tree so you can rip it.

  4. Brenda says:

    We had a slight hiccup in having the comment section available. It should be working now or you can email your response to info at Thanks for entering!

  5. Katie says:

    Hmmmm… what would I do? Mud Slide!

  6. I think it would be fun to wear the wedding dress all day, just on a regular day. Stop at Starbucks, go to work, out to lunch, to the grocery after work, walking my dog. Just to see the looks people give me. I’m sure it would get a little messy throughout the day.

  7. Cara says:

    I would love to do an underwater session in that dress. But since you probably don’t have underwater camera equipment, a session with a horse would be great. (except I don’t have a horse. So that probably wouldn’t work either.) Um… I’m out of ideas.

  8. Nicole says:

    I am thinking some sort of food fight 🙂 Something with a lot of color and a lot of mess! I think my husband would love to be a part of that photo shoot.