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Grand Imaging Award Finalist and Bronze Medalist

Being a geek and someone who loves to research, I have always loved learning more about photography. There is the technical side, the business/marketing side and artistry. As a creative the technical side isn’t always the most fun but it helps to learn it because it is important. In 2006 I became a member of […]

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Congrats to Toni and Dustin, a sweet spring wedding

The beginning of Spring is often a little rainy but it brings the hope of more blooms ahead. The cheerful colors of the wedding matched the stained glass in the church perfectly. With all of the work that Toni and her mother put into the day I figured they had planned it that way. But […]

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Wedding Wine Tumbler Gift

One of the best parts of being included in the wedding party is being a part of a great group to celebrate. And a little swag never hurt anyone! This custom wine tumbler is so cute to give to bridesmaids as a thank you. Pair it with some snacks while you are getting ready on […]

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